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Valerie L.

success stories valerieHaving a personal trainer like Andre has changed my life. I've been working out with Andre Luke for a little over 3 years and could not be more happy about my training sessions. Prior to working out with him I felt like I had to not eat a lot and be super mindful of what I ate, although I was also doing a lot of cardio work on my own. I had issues of self esteem, and would often force myself to eat less than what I truly wanted to because I was afraid of gaining a lot of weight.

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Carol B.

Carol B. testimoial LukeMy name is Carol Brasel. My Husband and I had worked out at different gyms over several years. The last couple of years we spent more time traveling than working out, and when my husband Norm passed away in September of 2008, I decided that of instead of sitting at home and crying, I had to get back into taking care of myself and to be around others.

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Glynda A. H.

Glynda Testimonial VideoThere are many reasons for working out—to get in shape, to lose weight, to become healthier, to look good for a wedding or a vacation or some other special event. The reason I chose to work out was to get better at another sport, an equestrian sport called dressage, which is kind of like doing ballet on horseback. My problem was that I am a relatively small person who is the proud owner of a very large horse.

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Scott C.

Scott C. testimoial LukeWhen I first met Andre, I was about six months into my effort to get back in shape and build muscle mass while lowering my body fat. I've been thin all my life and have struggled to gain muscle which usually translates to me giving up, but, thankfully, I decided to meet with a trainer and got in touch with Andre and I have never looked back. He was able to teach me correct forms and techniques, which exercises were best for me to focus on and effective methods for cooling down and stretching those areas of focus after each workout.

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Mey S.

Mey S. testimoial LukePrior to training with Andre, my workout posture was very bad. I was a broken doll, I was feeling aches and pains on different parts of my body that I shouldn’t be. I have always been motivated to go to the gym, but wasn’t achieving what I wanted. When I started training with Andre on a weekly basis (and sometimes his boot camp classes), I quickly overcame my challenges. He took me on another level that I would never push myself to.

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Ricarda S.

Ricarda TestimonialWorking out with Andre is the hardest but at the same time always the most rewarding thing for me. I have been working out with Andre off and on for the last two years. I do have a gym membership, but I am often finding myself with plenty of excuses why I should not go to the gym. Though, when I train with Andre there is no room for excuses! He is an excellent trainer, especially for people that always had a tough relationship with the gym.

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Sumer M.

Sumer M. testimoial LukeI woke up one morning weighing over 200 pounds... well at least that is how it seemed. You may think this is hard to believe but being a mom of 3 boys, all under the age of 7 and being put on be rest for each pregnancy the pounds just kept accumulating. After watching one of my close friends Michelle Aguilar win the title of the Biggest Loser I decided if she can do then can I! So far I have lost a total of 60 pounds! I have not reached my ultimate goal but I am on my way and nothing is going to stop me!

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Andi A.

Andi A. testimoial Luke

My story begins long before I entered the Oakland 24 Hour Fitness Center in November of ’08. However, without having done so, I would not have met my personal trainer, Andre Luke, who inspired me to make, and more importantly, stick with the changes in my lifestyle necessary for me to feel health and strong again.

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Eddie S.

Eddie testimoial LukeMy name is Eduardo Sanchez and I have been a member of 24 Hour Fitness for the past nine years. Throughout my life, I’ve been fighting a constant battle with my weight and body image. Even though I have been a member of the gym, I did not diet and exercise on a regular basis. As the years past my weight continued to climb and my frame got bigger and bigger. I had decided to just give up and accept myself for who I was. I was 22 year old, weighting at 240 lbs with a 38-40 size pants. This is who I was and I had no power to change that.

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Alma W.

Alma Testimonial 2Dre has been the only trainer to show me the results I have been wanting! It doesn't matter what element he is in, he can create a full body workout that leaves me feeling like a beast. I've been training with him since 2009. It began with a tip while I was on the elliptical. He had been watching my routine and saw I did the same thing every time I was in the gym.

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Janice N.

Janice testimonial for LukeLike many women in their mid-40s, I started gaining weight. I couldn’t exercise often enough or hard enough to fight-off the extra pounds that were adding up year after year. Jogging was my favorite exercise but my knees and back would no longer bear the punishment of the pavement.In August 2006, after ten years of spiraling downward, unable to comfortably wear anything in my closet, and feeling completely demoralized

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Jackie B.

Jackie BI am writing this letter to you to COMMEND my trainer, Andre Luke (AKA – Killah) for his professionalism, enthusiasm, encouragement, empathy and his just plain good attitude. Andre makes working-out fun! Many times during a session, people have commented to us that we were having too much fun.

I came to 24 Hour Fitness shortly after a major back surgery, using a cane, unable to walk upright, and reeling

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Lou C.

Lou testimonial 2I first met Andre when we were kids. Growing up, we were always active in sports or just playing outside with the other kids from our neighborhood. Eventually everyone moved out of the neighborhood and never really kept in touch besides Facebook messages and a couple phone calls here and there. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that Andre became a successful personal trainer/owner. 

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