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Lou C.

Lou testimonial 2I first met Andre when we were kids. Growing up, we were always active in sports or just playing outside with the other kids from our neighborhood. Eventually everyone moved out of the neighborhood and never really kept in touch besides Facebook messages and a couple phone calls here and there. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that Andre became a successful personal trainer/owner. 

Fast forward to several years later, I decided to message Andre via Facebook asking him if I could check out the gym he was working at and maybe set up a workout regime. My intentions were to have it a temporary two week trial, but to my surprise, it became a long term thing. I started working out with Andre on December 18th, 2014 and I regret NOTHING. When I came to him, I weighed 117lbs, I wanted to gain weight and tone up. I tried before, I ate a lot, but I never could gain any weight. After 3 months of training, I got to 127lbs, he definitely has changed my life for the better. Never have I seen myself making fitness a lifestyle, but having Andre as my personal trainer has been very eye opening. He pushes me to my full potential and is always constantly giving me great encouragement and tough love, well a lot of tough love. I really like how every session is a new workout so it’s never boring. The workouts we do are very challenging and I can say that I am definitely stronger than I was from day one. Before working out with Andre, I never would’ve thought I can lift as much as I can now, but Andre always helps in pushing me to reach a new PR(personal record). When working out in groups, I notice that he gives his other clients the same tough love he gives me so it’s very motivating and it boosts up our self-esteems.

It’s nice to see a childhood friend grow up and become successful in helping others better their lifestyles and themselves. Staying on top of fitness can be hard because of many distractions, but having Andre as my personal trainer definitely makes it easier! Thank you Andre for all you have done for me!

Lou C.