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Alma W.

Alma Testimonial 2Dre has been the only trainer to show me the results I have been wanting! It doesn't matter what element he is in, he can create a full body workout that leaves me feeling like a beast. I've been training with him since 2009. It began with a tip while I was on the elliptical. He had been watching my routine and saw I did the same thing every time I was in the gym.

He noticed I wasn't challenging myself. As soon as I hopped on to another machine, I was sweating bullets! This is where it began.

Not only has he taught me how to work out, but he has changed my outlook on life. Whenever I groan about doing an exercise, or say the word "can't," I have to do five push-ups. At first I disdained him for this, but I soon realized that this was his way of showing me that I WAS THE ONE LIMITING MYSELF. 

Thanks to Dre showing me my potential, and through a lot of hard work, I recently got signed at a modeling and dance agency. He has spent countless hours with me training, running choreography, and he continues to push me when I start to give up. I would never train with anyone else!!!