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Ricarda S.

Ricarda TestimonialWorking out with Andre is the hardest, but at the same time, always the most rewarding thing for me. I have been working out with Andre off and on for the last two years. I do have a gym membership, but I am often finding myself with plenty of excuses why I should not go to the gym. Though, when I train with Andre there is no room for excuses! He is an excellent trainer – especially for people that always had a tough relationship with the gym.

Andre knows his profession very well and is very dedicated to each of his clients. And, his dedication becomes clear in each workout. You can’t help becoming motivated yourself. He shows you how to do the exercises properly and gives assistance in correcting your form. This not only help you avoid getting injured, but also maximizes the results. Personally, I battle with low blood pressure when working out, so I would occasionally faint at my old gym. Andre is aware of my problem and is able to design a workout that works for me.

Every time I return, he is faced with the task of putting workouts together that provide maximum results in a short amount of time, which is probably not fair, but he never lets me down. When I had a wedding to go to and only four weeks left to fit into a particular dress, I needed to shed pounds fast otherwise I would have had nothing to wear for the event. Andre was able to transform my body within a short period of time so I was able to look the way I imaged to look at the event. His workouts are designed to target the areas I would like to change on my body, and he makes it possible with his routines. I cannot only see the pounds coming off my body, but I also feel stronger, healthier, and ultimately happier with my body image.

Andre keeps me on track when I feel like slacking off. He has me check in with him when I do my exercises at home, and if I do not check in for a while he will text me and hold me accountable. Andre holding me accountable and going above and beyond his responsibilities motivates me to do my best!