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Scott C.

Scott C. testimoial LukeWhen I first met Andre, I was about six months into my effort to get back in shape and build muscle mass while lowering my body fat. I've been thin all my life and have struggled to gain muscle which usually translates to me giving up. Thankfully, I decided to meet with a trainer and got in touch with Andre, and I have never looked back. He was able to teach me correct forms and techniques, which exercises were best for me to focus on, and effective methods for cooling down and stretching those areas of focus after each workout.


Andre also helped me to understand how my general overall health effects my body's growth and it's response to the intense training. Andre has kept me motivated throughout and has been able to help me find my inner strength and transform my life. I now carry with me a better understanding and deeper appreciation for how to exercise properly and take care of and strengthen my body.