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Valerie L.

success stories valerieHaving a personal trainer like Andre has changed my life. I've been working out with Andre Luke for a little over 3 years and could not be more happy about my training sessions. Prior to working out with him I felt like I had to not eat a lot and be super mindful of what I ate, although I was also doing a lot of cardio work on my own. I had issues of self esteem, and would often force myself to eat less than what I truly wanted to because I was afraid of gaining a lot of weight.

I was going to the gym, but I felt like I wasn't seeing the results I wanted to and didn't have the discipline and motivation that I really wanted. I know can honestly say that I am a self confident woman, who eats as much as I want, although I do try to eat healthy because it makes me feel better. I do not deprive myself of anything and I never go hungry.

Shortly after starting to work out with him my mind set totally changed. I now feel like I can eat healthy portions of food and I don't worry about weight gain, since I have gotten to the point that I have enough (not yoked though) muscle to get my metabolism up, and now I feel like I burn calories even when not working out. At age 30 my metabolism is faster than it has ever been. He listens to my desires and goals, and although I am stronger than I have ever been, he makes sure that I do not bulk up, but rather maintain lean and tone muscles, which is something I was very adamant about.

I have had various injuries, which he modifies exercises for, yet I still come out with the same results, but without the unnecessary pain, which is something I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. The great thing is that after 3 plus years, we still do things we hadn't done before and he always comes up with creative ways to work out, and keeps me from getting bored. He also creates workout plans for the entire month, even for days I am not training with him. I also am lucky that he is super flexible with my schedule if I need to make last minute changes. 

I almost moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago and was freaked out that I would not be able to have him as a trainer and tried to find ways to make him move there also. But instead I remained in the bay area, and whether I lived in San Francisco, or now Walnut Creek, I still drive to Oakland to have training sessions with him 3 times a week.

Valerie L.