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BIORhythm AfterGlow - Watermelon

BIORhythm AfterGlow - Watermelon
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Who should use AfterGlow? Anyone who participates in resistance or cardio-vascular training to improve physique, health or general well being.

Why AfterGlow? Fitness professionals agree skipping a meal is the easiest way to lose the gains made while training. Furthermore, dozens research studies prove that consuming the proper calories in the small window after a training session can improve results, performance, and lean muscles mass measurably and in a short amount of time. Getting the most out of an athlete’s most important meal of the day is essential. Remove the guesswork and messy mixture simply add AfterGlow.

How does AfterGlow work? Research studies and field testing all suggest that the post workout meal is the most unique one of the day. The results all recommend high levels of easily absorbed carbohydrates, moderate levels of premium protein and zero fats.

AfterGlow puts research science on your side. AfterGlow will spike natural insulin production preventing fat storage preserving muscle fibers with unrefined evaporated cane juice and d-glucose polymers. Muscles will begin their repair immediately with the nitrogen burst whey protein isolate provides Growth and repair continues while 10 grams of l-glutamine and BCAA AKG quench the body’s inner thirst for nutrients. The pure energy source for muscle contraction (ATP) is instantly restored with the patented KreAlkalyn. Strained muscle fibers and inflamed tendons are aided by the poser of ketosteroids within Cissus Quadrangularis. Destructive free radicals and metabolic waste is efficiently eliminated by l-taurine, pomegranate concentrate and R-ALA. The catabolic hormone cortisol is all but eradicated by a fitting dose of phosphatidylserine. The result is simply POST WORKOUT EUPHORIA.

The clock is ticking- Make it count- AfterGlow.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.