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Corporate Training

A properly-implemented corporate wellness program helps workers of all ages reduce their risk of chronic disease and live longer, healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

The organizations working with Rise N Grind Fitness to incorporate worksite health programs are reaping an immeasurable return on their investment by:

  • Reducing health-related employer costs
  • Reducing workers' compensation
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing absenteeism and turnover
  • Strengthening employee retention and recruitment
  • Improving morale

We provide three kinds of services to corporate clients. Training can be done at the client worksite or at Rise N Grind Fitness.

Package 1: Corporate Wellness Seminar Package

The Corporate Wellness Seminar includes topics such as stress management, wellness in the workplace, and travel and exercise nutrition. Each 60-minute seminar is held at your corporate site. We recommend continuing this package on a monthly basis. 

Package 2: Corporate Individual Personal Training Package

Too busy to leave the office for a quality workout? We’ll come to you! This package includes eight or twelve 50-minute personal training sessions with a trainer devoted to helping you meet your goals. We understand that your fitness goals and health are unique to you. Our personal trainers tailor each workout to your abilities and needs while training your body to function more efficiently and effectively.

Package 3: Corporate Group Personal Training Package

Looking to boost workplace morale and give your employees an outlet to relieve stress? The team that trains together, stays together. For four weeks, one of our personal trainers will conduct a group exercise program each week for one hour. Each session is fun, informative, and designed with your team’s goals in mind. Our trainer will also give your group healthy eating tips to ensure your employees are on track to living a healthy lifestyle. Corporate group classes are limited to 5-10 participants.