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Toned Abs: One of the Most Sought After Body Parts People Would Like to Have!

By Jason Christoff

We all have abs, but most of us have a layer of body fat that hides them.With eating clean and dedication to the gym at least four to five times a week, I started to see my abs in about two months. *Diet is the most important factor for getting your abs right and exercising and weight lifting will help define your abs.

It IS possible and it CAN be done!

Diet: Maintain a diet that’s high in protein (organic chicken, wild fish, organic extra lean beef), moderate in fats (raw organic almond butter, raw organic nuts, organic avocado, organic olive oil), and low in carbs (organic sweet potato, organic brown rice, organic vegetables & organic berries). Be careful of the size of your portions with each meal(keep them small), and be sure you’re eating small meals or healthy snacks every three to four hours to help speed up your metabolism. And… drink lots of spring water, it helps a lot!

Exercise: Any core work you do with a stability ball or Bosu ball will absolutely help strengthen your midsection and help make your abs pop. You can perform crunches, planks, ab roll outs, ball rotations, knee tucks, etc… on these types of balls. If you want to make your muscles bigger, lift heavier. You can add some weighted exercises to the mix to increase the size of your ab muscles. You can perform weighted crunches (using cable), weighted russian twists with a heavy dumbbell or medicine ball, weighted sit ups, medicine ball toss, etc. Finally, exercises like the plank and others that you can hold for a minute at a time will help show the muscularity of your muscles.

Fat Burning Tip: To help burn more fat, consider doing high intensity interval training twice per week. An example is getting on a treadmill and sprinting for 30 seconds and then walking for one minute. Repeat this anywhere from six to 10 times.

"You don't need folate, you need spinach. You don't need vitamin D, you need sunshine. You don't need liposuction, you need movement. You don't need calcium, you need almonds. You don't need antibiotics, you need rest. You don't need science. You only need nature."

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