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Tips for Better Eating and a More Fit Lifestyle

Truthfully, health and fitness isn't hard to attain.

Consistency is a major key in reaching your health and fitness goals, but that is common knowledge. In fact, you probably would have told me how important consistency is had I asked you for some tips on weight loss. It's that easy.

Easy to say, but very hard to do. There are too many reasons not to succeed. Finding time, tracking, it's an ordeal and could seem very overwhelming.

At Rise N Grind Fitness we focus on helping you to be consistent because we cover all of the necessary bases. Check out our 5 steps to reaching your health and fitness goals and leads to long term consistency. Whether it's working on eating better, or the fitness aspect.

1. Set Goals - Short term, so that you can attain them in your lifestyle.

2. Evaluate - Take a look at your goals and see if it will work for you.

3. Design a Comprehensive Program - Start from finding things that are doable in your daily schedule and create a list, or calendar.

4. Implement the Program - Set the times/days and make it happen.

5. Re-evaluate - After a week or two, see if there's more efficient ways to make the plan better, and add another goal if you finished one.

All of our clients fill out a food journal, works out with with a monthly calendar, and we do all of this together. Make sure to check out the other blogs for tips. Hopefully it motivates you to be more consistent.

70 percent food

I totally agree with the above saying – "abs are made in the kitchen". In other words, eating better helps you lose the fat around your midsection. This lowers body fat so that ab muscles are visible. So, eat a lot of unhealthy "fake stuff" and you have a big tummy, eat real whole foods stuff and it will help you have a smaller tummy.

Do you feel like you are doing everything "right" but it isn't happening fast enough? Before you give up or buy into a "quick fix gimmick" understand THESE things: It takes a 3500 calorie DEFICIT to lose one lb of fat. So, in order to lose an average of 2 lbs a week you need to burn or deplete 7000 calories. 2 lbs a week may not seem like a lot but that is 104 lbs in a YEAR. Now, you may vary slightly- but losing "30 lbs in a month" of FAT is just not physically possible or healthy. You are losing MUSCLE mass at that point and you WILL rebound from that.

Though at the same time knowing this, doesn't mean you can't eat things off your diet, like "cheat meals". Just be consistent in doing what you need to do. Those "cheat meals" won't affect your moderation of course.


Eating healthier doesn't mean, it's a boring salad, its bland/boring, it tastes like diet so it must be a "diet". These are all things that don't look or taste bad, well to me of course.

So go back to the top of the blog, and write or type out the 5 steps to reaching your health and fitness goals. After you got that, put your goals in after, "set goals", and finish steps 2 through 5. If you don't mind people seeing your goals and or 1-5 steps, post it in the comment/status section of my Facebook to share with other people and myself. Doing that, will help you get more ideas from people on their 5 steps, and feedback.

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