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How To Stay Consistent In Your Fitness

This blog will be dedicated to health and wellness. I hope to help people see and feel the importance of it.  Touching over some nutrition, how to do certain exercises w/pictures and videos.  Even getting into different types of training or training “fads”.  A lot of variety, and a lot of ground to cover, but I’ll try my best to help you guys understand the topics, and not make it so vague or unanswered, like other blogs or articles may do. 

I’d like to share a 4 week series blog. You can expect to see a lot of your fitness questions covered and answered.  There’s 4 important elements to be successful in exercising; Consistency, Food, Interval Cardio, and Flexibility.  Everyone of them compliment the other, but the one that’s at the top of all is the one we’re going to talk about.  Which would be consistency.  There are three definitions of consistency that I like:

1. Reliability or uniformity of successive results or events.

2. Correspondence among related aspects; compatibility.

3. Agreement or harmony between parts of something complex; compatibility.

They all ring true to things in life, that we try to have, but might fall short from sometimes.  Let’s say we’re at work, slaving all day, staring at the donuts a co-worker brought in trying not fall into temptation, looking at the clock while trying to finish up your work so you can make it to the group class at the gym, but it all ends up in failure because you finished your work way late.  You missed the time for class, and was hungry for staying so late that you got up and ate two donuts.  Has this happened to you?

Consistency is one of the keys to longevity. Imagine having the absolute best strength and conditioning program in history in your fingertips.  Complete it, and you’ll be as lean, muscular, and strong as you could possibly ever desire.

Now, imagine taking that program, and only performing 50% of it because you got sick, work got busy, or your kids had soccer practice during your normal gym time.  Results wouldn’t be so great, huh?

Now, imagine a second scenario: taking a strength and conditioning program that is only 50% as “good” – but performing it with 100% adherence: no missed sessions and no sessions cut-short.

Life is like a roller coaster, with many ups and down and those unexpected turns.  Here are some suggestions to make you more consistent with your strength and conditioning programs.

1. Write exercise into your schedule. – I’m always amazed that people will schedule haircuts, oil changes, and massages, but they won’t pencil their exercise sessions into the schedule.  If it’s important, you make time for it instead of finding time for it. This quick change in your approach to scheduling exercise will pay big dividends.

2. Find accountability online. – You don’t have to look any further than various forums on the internet to find loads of people who can walk a mile in your shoes.  They’ll talk you through problems, offer encouragement, and introduce you to new workout ideas that will keep you motivated and making progress.  Use friends/family to workout with, co-workers, online groups, images on instagram/pinterest, online apps etc.

Taking it a step further, get a family member or friend on board with your strength and conditioning program.  Get a trainer, or even bring that family or friend with you to training and do a tandem or group training workout.  You’ll have someone to whom you must be accountable, not to mention a spotters handy whenever you need one!

3. Keep exercise clothes in your car. – I know a lot of people who have canned their training sessions at the end of a long day at work because they forgot to bring their training clothes with them.  This is why you ought to have an extra pair of socks, sneakers, shorts, and a t-shirt in your car at all times just in case.  You never know when you’ll need them.

4. Train at the time when you’re most energized. – If you’re a morning person, training at the end of a long day of work is a recipe for disaster; you’ll cut every corner possible during your exercise session – and that’s if you even make it to the gym.  Likewise, if you have always struggled to wake up in the morning, 6AM training sessions probably aren’t going to be super productive.  Pick a time that means you’ll be bringing the “A” game.

These seven suggestions are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ensuring adherence to a program.  That said, I’d encourage you to share your strategies in the comments section below so that others can find the right “consistency mix” for their strength and conditioning programs.

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